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Frequently Asked Question's

1. How much time do we have for our event? Your set up and clean up time is included within the time slot you purchased. We suggest setting aside at least an hour for both tasks. Please keep in mind there is a fee assessed if you go over your allotted time.

2. Do we have to pay for items we do not need in our package? Unfortunately, our packages are so reasonably priced that you can always add to a package, but you cannot take anything away. If this becomes a concern for you, talk to an event consultant about possibly customizing a personal package that will specifically suit your needs.

3. If I rent the venue, do I have to use Bliss to decorate? Absolutely not! An event coordinator can discuss approved party decorations with you.

4. Can I bring my own DJ, Cater, Decorations, and Bartender? We have preferred vendors who service our packages however, you can use whomever you prefer for your food and music selection, but they must be licensed (your refundable security deposit will increase to use outside vendors). Just remember, if you plan to decorate yourself, we will first have to approve your decorating supplies.

5. Can we move the speakers? We do not allow clients to move or unplug our speakers. If you are hiring a DJ, they should have their own speakers thus allowing you to place them anywhere in the venue.

6. How do I go about reserving the facility and paying for my event? You must pay a NONREFUNDABLE deposit to save your date. The remaining balance is due 30 days before your event of course unless it is a last-minute booking.

7. What type of linen is provided? We only provide linens if you're booking one of our packages.

8. What if the day of my event, I do not have money to pay the damage/cleaning deposit? The remaining balance is due 35 days before your event of course unless it is a last-minute booking. **THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY**

9. What if my guest damage something. Will I get my damage/cleaning deposit back? You will receive your incidental fee deposit back if anything is damaged. If the damages exceed the incidental fee; you are responsible for paying the difference, Failure to do so will result in a law suit. 

10. Can I rent equipment and décor from you? Absolutely! Please click the link for services and view our al a carte section. (Would like the link to services here)

11. Can I leave items overnight? Items left overnight will be discarded. If we can keep items overnight the charge is $175. We are a small space and do not have storage large enough to house Renter items without prior approval.

12. Will I be responsible for clean up? At the end of the Renter’s event, the space must be returned to the same clean condition in which it was found.

13. How many quests can Bliss accommodate? Depending on your even style and set up, Bliss can accommodate 200 guest.

14. Is alcohol allowed? If alcohol is being sold or served, a licensed bartender needs to be hired. We only allow mobile bartenders to service alcohol. You are welcome to hire your own mobile bartender if they are licensed and can provide legitimate proof of insurance. Bliss Creations, LLC must be listed on the policy as additional insured. Under no circumstances do we allow Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) If alcohol is brought or distributed by anyone other than the licensed bartender, your contract will be forfeited and your event will be canceled without a refund.

15. Is parking available? There is free parking available directly outside the venue.

16. Is smoking allowed?

Unfortunately, the Bliss is a non-smoking facility. There is absolutely no smoking allowed inside the venue.

17. Can I arrange a tour?

Yes, you can contact us to schedule a walk-through of our venue. Tours are held Tues-Thurs before 5pm. Please keep in mind that we host events on Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays.

18. Are there any other fees?

There are a few other fees associated with your reservation. Please click the link (would like the link to take them to addtl fees)

19. What forms of payments are accepted?

Booking: We accept credit cards, & app payments

· Cash App: 

· ● Venmo:

· ● Zelle:

20. Do decorations come with the venue rental?

Not necessarily however, we do offer packages that come with décor & decorating services. Be sure to ask an event coordinator if your event requires décor and decorating. We are here to help.

21. What if I go over my allotted rental time? We kindly ask that the hostess of the event be mindful and stay within the time limits of their event. The hourly rate will be broken down into minutes and charged if the event goes over the specified time. If the event extends beyond the scheduled end time more than one (1) hours without prior approval the security deposit fee will be forfeited. We will bill you for the additional overage.

23. What is the cancellation policy? Deposits and Remaining Balances paid are NONREFUNDABLE (no matter the circumstance or reason for the cancellation). If we are holding a date specifically for you, that means we have turned away other clients that were ready to pay and host their event.

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