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Friendly Reminder!

Please remember your remaining balance and contract are due three weeks (30 days) before your event. Be sure to add this date to your calendar to avoid a 10% late fee or event cancellation!


Additional Fees

EXTRA TIME: $100 per hour If AM event booked you can add time on the front end and PM event booked can add extra time on the back end. Contact us for hourly rate details.

OVERTIME: The hourly rate will be broken down into minutes and charged if the event goes over the specified time. if the event extends beyond the scheduled end time more than one (1) hours without prior approval the preservation fee will be forfeited. We will bill you for the additional overage.

CONSULTATION FEE: If you would like to schedule a consultation for event planning/design there will be a $25 fee for 30 minutes. If services are booked the $25 will be applied to the remaining balance.

*Security Fee $250

The Security Fee is refunded within five business days if there are no issues. We absolutely want guest to have a good time. However, we also need the venue to be returned in the same manner it was received to have it ready for the next guest. When clients rent a location for an event, they are accepting full responsibility for returning everything they and their guest rent and use in the venue. It should be left in the same condition that it was in before the clients event occurred taking us no more than an hour to clean and sanitize. This fee is very similar to accidental fees which occur when renting a car or a hotel room. They keep up to $200 on file in case of accidents. Venues do the same to protect our investment. Our fee is also $250.

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